The Difference between Black and Green Oolong Tea

A number of consumers usually ask if what really the difference between black and green oolong tea is. People who are tea-drinkers sometimes wonder if what is the best tea to drink, and the specific health benefits you can get from each tea. In general, the abovementioned teas are some of the main types of teas. They also vary depending on the categories they fall to like herbal, scented, flavored, etc. As we can observe in our society nowadays, people are becoming more and more health conscious due to the rising prevalence of certain diseases brought about by a person’s lifestyle which includes exercise and diet. People opt to ingest healthy foods and drinks as much as possible. They do this mostly to counteract the toxins that accumulated inside their body from the foods that they have ingested.

Generally, black tea is the most popular tea known in the world. It is a by-product of the young tea leaves and buds of the Camellia Senesis plant. The abovementioned parts of the plant are totally oxidized and fermented after it has been thoroughly dried. The black tea is also known for its strong and bitter flavor. On the other hand, the green tea also came from the same plant as with the black tea. It also came from Camellia Senesis and at the same time it has the same components because it is also a by-product of the plant’s leaves. The difference is that the green tea doesn’t go through the same fermenting processes as with the black tea. Instead of being fermented, the leaves are being steamed after they were dried. It is said also that the green tea has a grassy flavor.

Indeed, there are a lot of health benefits that you can get from drinking teas. Such teas are filled with antioxidants that that help prevent free radical damage that usually leads to the disease cancer. There have been many evidences and proofs that tea is very good for one’s health. Despite the fact that teas also vary on how they were produced, processed and manufactured, they also emit the same kinds of antioxidants that are very helpful to the body. By this simple practice of drinking teas, you are helping yourself in terms of detoxification and cleansing your bowel at the same time. Teas can be of great help in the process of elimination. This is a very vital process in the human body so that dirt and any other elements that are not needed anymore are washed away and eliminated.

You can also consult to your physician first regarding the kind of tea that is safe and effective for you to drink. This is also important to avoid any other adverse reactions that you might get if you had have ingested the tea that your body is not that compatible with. You should know that there are certain elements that your body and systems might react with and would result to side effects. Inquire for the tea that is suited to you so that you can start living a healthy lifestyle.

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