How to Make Dried Ginger Tea?

It has been known for centuries that Ginger has various medicinal effects treating all sorts of ailments. Aside from that, Ginger when prepared as a beverage such as Ginger ale or Ginger tea is truly refreshing.

Variations of how it is prepared has been circulating everywhere. But on this article, recipe and procedure in making a dried ginger tea will be discussed as you read on. If you want to try this recipe at home, just follow everything or you can always make your own style.

First thing to do is to look for a young and juicy ginger. Then wash and soak it with water. Afterwards you peel off the ginger slowly making sure that the cells below the skin is preserved.

Wash the peeled ginger and place in a flat tray. The ginger rhizomes should then be dried under the sun.  It can be dried as a whole or in 2mm thick sliced pieces. Dry it for six to eight days. Everyday, turn over the pieces to the other side. On the last few days, check if the ginger snaps after breaking it with your finger, this is an indication that the drying process is complete.

After drying, you should grind the dried pieces by putting them in an osterizer or pounding them with a mortar and pistle. Once done your powdered or crushed ginger is now ready for a fresh ginger tea, anytime you want. Store in an air tight container.

To prepare a warm ginger tea for a cold night, boil one and a half cup of water, pour into a mug and placed in a one half teaspoon Ginger powder and one teaspoon honey. Steep the ground ginger powder for about 10 to 15 minutes to let the flavor come out. Then sip in to enjoy a hot, mildly spicy Ginger tea that could always bring a smile right after.

Drinking Ginger on an upset or cholic stomach can bring instant relief. It also acts as a natural antacid, digestive and even laxative when drink during an attack. Some studies also revealed that Ginger is good for reducing pain and iflammation. Others has proven its effectivity for treating heartburn and even morning sickness specially among pregnant women.

More benefits of this wonder herbal ginger is how it provides  relief to migraines just because it has the ability to stop prostaglandins from causing more pain and inflammation in blood vessels. While in the ancient times, drinking ginger tea with sugar are used to prevent menstrual cramps among women.

Some also believe its possibility of preventing famous cancers such as, ovarian and colon cancers.

Ginger as a natural paracetamol can also heal bouts of flu and treat cold and voice hoarseness due to cough and cold.

Well, with all these proven benefits all packed into one herbal Ginger tea, you need not look and buy costly tablets anymore but just grab some dried ginger powder and within minutes you’ll get relieved. Thanks to Ginger tea.

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