The Wonder of Lemon Ginger Tea

Not everyone is a caffeine lover and so if one can have a great tasting caffeine-free drink one would surely grab the chance to do so.  Other than the taste of the drink, what brings people to crave for a particular drink is the fact that it can be very healthy.  This is especially true today given the many health problems being faced by almost everyone.  If you ask whether ginger tea qualifies as one of those on the list of these tasteful and healthy drinks then you bet it is a definite “yes”.

Lemon ginger tea is only one of the many variants of how tea can be prepared when the main component is ginger.  In as much as it can provide the one who drinks with delicious and zesty flavor for a drink this type of drink is at the same time a great natural remedy for colds and other illnesses related to it.  At the initial sign of stuffiness, one can bet that a warm steamy drink of this kind of tea could soothe one’s throat and clear the sinuses.  Now this is one benefit that is undeniably better availed with a natural drink or remedy like this one.  To think that preparing one can be so simple and even the ingredients come as little as mere fresh ginger roots, water, lemon and honey.

What are the other health benefits that come with drinking lemon ginger tea?  To name a few, the prevention of salmonella is one that is topping the list.  And even for this part alone we could all enjoy a cup of this tea even more knowing that bacterial infections such as salmonella can be prevented.  How is this possible?  Ginger is known to be with an active ingredient in the form of zingiber and this is popular for its immune-boosting capability.  Together with lemon’s immune-booster component that comes in the forms of pectin and limonene, the tandem will have you not only savoring the zesty lemony taste but also give you benefit that covers health without the risk of the salmonella typhi bacteria.  This has been in fact published in the “Internet Journal of Third World Medicine” in the year 2009.

Fever comes as one of the best addressed problem perhaps when it comes to this type of tea.  The explanation is that Ginger apparently being a diaphoretic or great in inducing sweating is able to help the body of one that has a fever by causing the release of dermcidin when sweating.  This is a good way to limit the infection as potentially brought about by bacterial colonization.  Do you know that even one’s mood and concentration is affected by teas like lemon and ginger combination?  Teas like these are best known for increasing one’s concentration in fact even lemon water is recommended for every few hours.

Loving the lemon ginger tea?  Try sipping a warm cup of this in order to relieve tension.  Now this should be a welcoming break from intense and stressful moments at home or at work.

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